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Enabling Printk’s in Paging

March 3, 2011

OMG!!! Debugging kernel code is really difficult but debugging paging in kernel code is more difficult. Try this,before pagetables are setup put printk in buddy allocator code and check what will happen. Don’t waste time in exploring this, kernel will get crash as pagetables are not setup and libraries are not initialized. But still you want to debug the code after page tables are setup. Follow the steps given below :

1. Add below declaration in any of the file (say mm.h)
int post_printk=0;

2. Define following macro in your code

#define MY_PRINTK(print_this)  if(post_printk) printk(“\n%s\n”print_this)

In kernel programming always put “\n” at the end of printks which ensure that printk’s will be printed even though kernel is crashed.

3. Now set post_printk=1 when you want to enable printks.

4. So rather than putting printks use the macro definition defined above.

MY_PRINTK(“This is my message in printk”);


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