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Tried Solutions for Hugepage Allocation in Xen

March 3, 2011

1)Allocating pages during xen-boot time:
When Xen get-booted we have reserved few 2MB (order = 9) from the alloc calls explained earlier. We figure out these mfn of the reserved pool which lies in 1-to-1 domain region. What we did was when domain request a hugepage it makes and hyper-call so that we can allocate page from this pool. This method failed because phy_to_machine mapping was not done.

2)Case 1 by  mapping pages on kernel side .
Using set phy_to_mach at kernel side the mfns returned by our hypercall from xen were mapped to physical space in kernel . This approach failed since phy_to_mach was mapping not done on xen side.

3)Make mapping on xen side  before sending mfn to kernel. This case is under testing and partially implemented .


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