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Guidelines to submit patch in xen-devel…

March 30, 2011

Please try to follow the guidelines below.  This will make things
easier on the maintainers.  Not all of these guidelines matter for every
trivial patch so apply some common sense.

1.    Always _test_ your changes, however small, on at least 4 or
5 people, preferably many more.

2.    Make sure your changes compile correctly in multiple
configurations. For example, both 32- and 64-bit x86.

3.    Make a patch available to the relevant maintainer in the list. Use
‘diff -u’ to make the patch easy to merge. Be prepared to get your
changes sent back with seemingly silly requests about formatting
and variable names.  These aren’t as silly as they seem. One
job the maintainersdo is to keep things looking the same.

PLEASE try to include any credit lines you want added with the
patch. It avoids people being missed off by mistake and makes
it easier to know who wants adding and who doesn’t.

PLEASE document known bugs. If it doesn’t work for everything
or does something very odd once a month document it.

PLEASE remember that submissions must be made under the terms
of the “Developer’s Certificate of Origin” (DCO) and should include
a Signed-off-by: line.

4.    Make sure you have the right to send any changes you make. If you
do changes at work you may find your employer owns the patch
not you.

5.    Happy hacking.

check for more information.


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